More Red Dead Redemption DLC Announced

Thought you were done with Red Dead? Think again. Rockstar has announced 4 DLC packs that will add to RDR in every way imaginable. They’re adding new missions, modes, items, weapons, achivements/trophies, and ZOMBIES.

While the first pack of DLC (Outlaws to the End) was free, these will cost you. Three of them have been set at $10/800 MS Points while one of them has an unknown price (most likely higher than $10). The first piece of DLC will be released this August and they will continue to be released through Fall 2010. You can find a breakdown of all the DLC below… Continue reading


NBA Jam Coming To 360/PS3

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First Episode of Rayman Origins Given Release Window

The first episode of Rayman Origins will be released this Christmas on the XBOX 360 & PlayStation 3 with the rest releasing sometime in 2011.

Rayman Origins is currently slated for only the 360 & PS3, but Wii, PC, iPad, and 3DS ports are being considered. I imagine if it sells well we’ll see it on all of the platforms mentioned above.

Need For Speed World Beta

Need For Speed World is basically a racing MMORPG. It has the leveling you’ve come to find in MMORPG’s mixed with open world racing a la Burnout Paradise and weapons/power-ups a la Blur. Check it out at the link below.

inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Trailer

TellTale’s New Adventure Game – Puzzle Agent

This is the first title in TellTale’s Pilot Program which will allow the developer to branch out and create games that they normally wouldn’t. If the “pilot” ends up being successful then they’ll continue the series through their current episodic model.
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Dead Rising 2 Delayed To September 28th

This morning Capcom put out a press release stating:

“We are happy to confirm today that one of our most hotly anticipated titles of the Fall, Dead Rising 2, is set for release across North America on September 28, 2010. Sequel to the million plus seller, Dead Rising, and set in the gambling paradise of Fortune City, Dead Rising 2 introduces a new main character, Chuck Greene, and 1000’s of new zombies in this darkly comedic, no holds-barred action title.”

Hopefully this allows the game to receive a little more polish because it could certainly use some. I believe Dead Rising: Case Zero is still due on July 8th for  Xbox 360.