TellTale’s New Adventure Game – Puzzle Agent

This is the first title in TellTale’s Pilot Program which will allow the developer to branch out and create games that they normally wouldn’t. If the “pilot” ends up being successful then they’ll continue the series through their current episodic model.

Puzzle Agent is essentially Professor Layton meets TellTale, it takes those Layton-esque puzzles and mashes them with classic TellTale storytelling. You play as Agent who is sent to a small, snowy town in Minnesota to investigate some strange occurrences.

You’ll travel from scene to scene talking with people, which is pretty standard fare for a TellTale Adventure game, but instead of the standard Point and Click Adventure you’ll get self contained puzzles in the vein of Professor Layton. Each puzzle will have an introduction and at the end your performance will be evaluated.

Puzzle Agent is currently slated for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and WiiWare.

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