Just Cause 2 Gravity Vignette

This video shows all the crazy things you can do when you use gravity to your advantage.  Just Cause 2 releases March 23, 2010 and you should expect a demo very soon.


Bungie ViDoc: Once More Unto The Breach

The guys over at Bungie detail their inspirations for Halo Reach, the new tech they’re using and what they’re really trying to do with the next installment in the Halo franchise.

Street Fighter IV Coming To iPhone

Over at IGN they announced that Capcom will be releasing the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV for the iPhone, but this is no simple port. Capcom has spent month developing a control scheme for a platform that has no physical buttons, they’ve created a virtual stick and buttons to unleash all those crazy combos; it even features online play allowing players to exchange blows over Bluetooth. It also features a training arena known as “Dojo Mode” and then there is “Tournament Mode”. Expect to find SFIV in the app store very soon. Check out the screens below…

God of War 3: Vengeance Trailer

A glimpse at Kratos and his journey up Mount Olympus for revenge. I suggest you watch it in HD…

So, The Rating System…

It’s pretty simple, a game can either get a thumbs up or a thumbs down; there’s no in between.  The reason I did this is because mediocrity is hard to rate and even harder to describe, so if you completely get rid of the middle ground where mediocrity exists it makes rating the games a whole lot easier and enjoyable. So in conclusion, good games get a…

bad games get a

Great = 2 Thumbs Up

Good = 1 Thumbs Up

Bad = 1 Thumbs Down

Terrible = 2 Thumbs Down

Welcome to Thumbs Up Gaming!

So, what is Thumbs-Up Gaming you ask?

Well this blog is merely a jumping off point for my future site, hopefully… Gaming sites these days are caught between the business side of gaming and the so called “console wars”. Now that’s cool and all, but it’s not gaming, not in my opinion; games are supposed to be fun and provide the player with a unique engaging experience, and that’s what I’m here to talk about. Providing solid, smart, insightful reviews and your daily dose of gaming news.

My system for judging games is different from the average site, I don’t like the 1-10 grading scale and from the title of the blog I’m sure you’ve guessed how I’ll be doing it… that’s right I’ll be using my thumbs (a gamers most valuable appendage right?) old school “At the Movies with Ebert & Siskel/Roeper” style. I’ll go over the whole rating system in my next post as this is just an introduction.

Thank You.