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More Red Dead Redemption DLC Announced

Thought you were done with Red Dead? Think again. Rockstar has announced 4 DLC packs that will add to RDR in every way imaginable. They’re adding new missions, modes, items, weapons, achivements/trophies, and ZOMBIES.

While the first pack of DLC (Outlaws to the End) was free, these will cost you. Three of them have been set at $10/800 MS Points while one of them has an unknown price (most likely higher than $10). The first piece of DLC will be released this August and they will continue to be released through Fall 2010. You can find a breakdown of all the DLC below… Continue reading


Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer

Red Dead Redemption – Revolution

Viva La La RevoluciĆ³n!

Red Dead Redemption: Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Red Dead Redemption: Life in the West Pt. 2

Looking great.

Red Dead Redemption Box Art

The box art for Red Dead Redemption has changed yet again, below is the final box art.

Red Dead Redemption: The Law Trailer

This trailer shows the ruthless law men of the west. Red Dead Revolver hits shelves on April 27.