Impressions: ModNation Racers

Some good ole’ fashioned kart racing.

The kart racing genre has been pretty barren of grade A racers this gen; there’s Mario Kart Wii and… well that’s all I can think of to be quite honest. ModNation Racers is looking to change that though with solid racing mechanics and tons of creation.

The most important part of a racing game is, of course, the racing and from what I’ve played ModNation Racers nails it. The controls feel tight and it feels great to hop into a corner and drift through it, mix that with a little bit of floaty-ness and you have a winning combination. The game is also fairly difficult and the AI seem more than competent even without the Rubber Band AI (which can rear it’s ugly head at times). The weapons you pick up throughout a race are pretty good and the shield is really handy.

Even though the racing feels great, the best part about the game is the ability to create.  The creation is extremely deep and the tools are easy to use. Creating a driver and kart are fun, but building tracks is where all the fun is at. They give you a little sandbox which you can mold into your dream track, you can shape terrain to your liking, control elements such as lighting, wind, and water height and then you drive a big steamroller to lay down your track. It’s fun, intuitive, and easy to do.

From a technical standpoint it seems like an great game with the exception of the load times. The IQ is great, the textures look sharp and the light looks good, but at some points it seems like you spend more time at a loading screen than you do in a race which can be pretty painful.

Overall it should be a great game and worth the purchase if you love kart racers or love to create.

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