Review: Mega Man 10

Hey look, a new Mega Man game and holy shit there’s an easy mode, that means I’ll finally be able to beat a Mega Man game… right? right!?

Well, yeah. Although I’ve never had too much trouble beating a Mega Man game (that’s a bold faced lie), easy mode definitely takes the pressure off of the player. Now that sounds great and all, but that’s not what a Mega Man game is all about. Mega Man has always been about the excruciating difficulty that makes you want to break your controller in half. That Mega Man is still here and boy is it frustratingly fun.

Mega Man 10 is pure fan service, nothing more, nothing less. It’s charming 8-bit graphics and sound really give you that nostalgic feeling. Sure, little has changed over the past 20 years that Mega Man has been around, and to be honest that’s perfectly fine by me. Some other HD recreations of classic games have turned out to be well… shit and by not tampering with the formula that made Mega Man great, Mega Man remains great.


Mega Man 10, content wise is much larger than 9, and while the levels are shorter and better balanced for an easier experience, the challenge rooms and time attack mode, along with the online leaderboards add to the overall replayabilty. Being able to play with different characters who have different abilities extends that replay value even further.

Overall Mega Man 10 is another excellent entry into the series, and while it doesn’t have the same wow factor as playing through 9 for the first time it’s still a great game. The game contains some of the best boss designs the series has ever seen and the classic gameplay gives you that great nostalgic feeling. Mega Man 10 is for everyone who loves the blue bomber and anyone looking for a challenging experience.

Rating: 1 Thumb Up

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